Food for thought
January 30, 2018


⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Techie-Talk ⚠️ We use some super cool printers that make your magnets splash-proof. A little bit of…
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Food for thought
January 16, 2018

The whole of the UK at the same time? (ish)

We’re proud to operate across the whole of the U.K. at a wide variety of events! Not only that, but…
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January 9, 2018

Last minute gig? No worries!

Last minute gig? We can handle it! It's a bit more difficult, but even if your event is soon send…
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December 29, 2017

New stuff!!!

We've just ordered some insane props for our photomagnets at an upcoming joint Bar & Bat Mitzvah!!! There’s a small…
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December 28, 2017

Now that’s awesome!

Now that is one awesome photomagnet!!! Mazel tov once again to Sammy, family and friends!
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