Choosing an Event Venue | Top Tips E3 | Yuval Havkin

Hey there! You! Yes, you, the one planning a party!

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday or corporate landmark, there’s a lot that goes into hosting a great party.

So we’ve collected tips and advice from experts in the market in a series of short videos to share with you - from the very beginning when you’re choosing your party venue through to the day itself.

Now wasn’t that nice of us?

Anyway - here we are with Episode 3, from Yuval Havkin.

Yuval’s not only the Musical Director of the Kedma Band & DJ, but a composer and performer partying around the world. His tip is somewhat technical and you should hear this before choosing your wedding venue.

Bet you didn’t know that!

The acoustics are very important to take in to account when choosing your venue - and as Yuval has just shown us, it’s quick and easy to check what they’re like.

Of course, many London event venues will have great acoustics - but this simple test will make sure you don’t get caught out.

Thanks Yuval!

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