It's Official - We're Smashing It!

We’re so pleased to announce that we’re recommended by Smashing the Glass - the world’s BIGGEST Jewish (and Jew-ish) wedding blog. If you’re planning a Jewish wedding anywhere in the world - you need to be keeping up with STG, whether that’s as via the website, the incredible instagram account or Karen’s Facebook Live videos.

Here are 8 things you might not have known about Smashing The Glass.

  1. 17,000+ Instagram followers (and counting).

  2. The STG Brides’ Club is an exclusive group for a limited number of brides each season, helping them plan their dream, stress-free wedding.

  3. Karen Cinammon founded STG in 2013 after planning her own wedding and realising there was nothing of the sort available.

  4. Smashing The Glass features Real Weddings of all sorts, providing a whole host of unique wedding planning inspiration.

  5. Brides from across the globe follow STG - from the UK to LA, Israel to Spain and Canada to Australia!

  6. Karen will be speaking at the Destination Wedding Planners conference in Dubai in 2019 - that’s serious business!

  7. Getting in as a Recommended Vendor with STG is no easy task. It’s an application, following which you have to be approved by Karen. What’s more, there are only a limited number of spots.

  8. Karen offers 1-1 Wedding Consultancy sessions like no other. If you want to kick-start your wedding planning process with personal guidance, inspiration and ideas from the #1 expert in Jewish weddings in the UK, give her a call to book your 2-hour session at the STG Central London offices.

It’s great to be a part of the Smashing the Glass family of recommended vendors - amongst many of the other vendors we work with and love. You should totally check it out!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in having MAGNIV Photomagnets at your wedding in the UK or Europe, pop your details in the form below and we’ll give you a call!

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