XS Showband

Shine, sparkle and sing - XS Showband, under the direction of Francesca Berlin, are one of the most glamorous wedding bands available out there. This collaboration of fresh, creative and talented performers guarantee that you’ll have a party atmosphere at your event, second to none. As well as their incredible skills and shiny outfits, their repertoire is expansive and tailored to each event. They come with different set ups, to suit different functions - from the 2-7 piece DJ Live, to the 8-15 piece showband and even the 18-piece Big Band that plays all sorts of music, not just swing!

I love a good XS Party and think their musicians are fabulous, but don’t just take my word for it - here they are:

You can find more of XS Showband’s work on their youtube channel, here.

Or, get in touch with Francesca and the band via their website.

Photo by MAGNIV Photographers

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