Event Magnets

Event Magnets are an awesome entertainment idea, with options to suit private parties, such as weddings, as well as corporate events, such as exhibitions, fundraisers, galas and christmas parties. But in case you’re not already sure, let us explain What are event magnets?

It’s as simple as this. Rather than just having your photographer’s pictures online, our expert team takes and prints the photos on-site at your event as magnets - hence the popular name “Event Magnets”!

With MAGNIV, these aren’t photos encased in clunky plastic. They’re also not just laminated paper, which fades after a couple of years. Our event magnets use state-of-the-art technology to bring lab-quality photo-printing to your event. Our quality guarantee is the product of months of R&D and being the most popular event magnet supplier in the UK.

How can event magnets suit my exhibition?

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We design a unique frame for the magnets to match your branding, so you’re getting your logo, key messages and contact details in to the homes and offices of your potential clients. Give them a leaflet, 80% end up in the bin*. Give them a free pen, it will last a few months before being discarded. Give them a photomagnet with their friends and colleagues smiling? It goes on their fridge and stays there.

*Guesstimate, not a proper study.

How can event magnets suit my christmas party?

Event magnet at corporate party

Christmas parties are your opportunity to reward your staff for their hard-work. It’s a great investment in employee happiness, even though it costs a lot of money. However, it’s once a year. You can ensure the effects of your Christmas part are long-lasting, by giving your guests plenty of event magnets to put on their fridge. Every Monday morning, waking up at 7:00 for the commute, they’ll see the photos of the party you threw them, happy with their colleagues and perk up that little bit more.

How can event magnets suit my wedding?

It’s just so much fun! Need we say more? Click here!



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