What do you charge?

Our price range depends on a number of factors - please use our automated system to get a price or call the office on 02071013767

What if more than one person is in the photo?

We’ll print it twice!

Well - our technicians look at the photo and try to guess how many copies are needed. Is it a family who need just one? Or 5 friends each need their own copy?

What’s the point?

  • They are many! Firstly it gives each of your guests a take home memory.

  • When it comes to weddings, whilst you’ll have the photos from your photographer to cherish forevermore, this way each attendee takes something home.

  • For corporate and charity events, it’s great for building brand awareness as not only is each magnet branded, but they have a far higher retention rate than leaflets and pens*. Here’s why:

  • Your guests will keep it! Everyone has a fridge - and if their fridge is a fitted non-metal fridge, they’ll have an isolator fan, radiator, noticeboard, prison cell bars or somewhere to put their magnets. Our studies have shown that unlike paper prints, people put magnets straight up and keep them.

  • MAGNIV doesn’t detract from the action. It complements it. The issue with a photobooth is you can’t be in a booth and on the dance floor at the same time. Our photographers capture the moments no matter where or when they happen


How do I pay?

  • We accept all forms of payment, including BACS and American Express. Please note that payment by cheque incurs a £10 surcharge.

  • For private clients, we usually require a 50% reservation fee and the final instalment is due no later than 10 days before the event. For businesses, charities and other organisations, we can work with your accountancy department to find a suitable payment option.

How does the photography work? Is it like a booth?

  • No! What makes us stand out is that it’s nothing like a booth - we have professional photographers who specialise in events. They’re fully mobile, so they can capture candid and posed photos as well as crazy action dancing photos!

  • If you have a backdrop you’d like photos against, our photographers will of course be happy to comply. They can also mix it up, spending part of the time there and part of the time elsewhere.


Why should I choose MAGNIV?

Click here to find why you should choose MAGNIV Photomagnets over any other provider.

Why do you charge instalment fees?

  • We like to give customers as much flexibility as possible when it comes to making payments - whilst our corporate clients, for example, may have no problem paying in one instalment, we understand that planning a wedding is expensive and payment plans help to manage that. However, there is significant administrative work in managing each payment made. The small per-instalment fee allows us to provide this flexibility to all our customers.

  • The fees are not card processing fees and are the same for all payment methods, excluding cheques.


Do you really cover the whole UK?

  • YES! Our team regularly travel up and down the country, even though we’re based in London. We’re often in Manchester and Leeds; have bases available in Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham and we’re happy to travel anywhere from Brighton to Glasgow.

  • Please note that travel to different cities incurs different costs. Please call on 02071013767 to confirm any surcharge for your city.

And Europe also? You couldn’t possibly…

  • We don’t operate in every European country, but currently have a base in Barcelona and we’re more than happy to travel around, especially for destination weddings.

  • At present, we’re not accepting any European bookings beyond March 2019 as we don’t know what the requirements for us to work in the EU will be. We hope to have more information soon.

  • The prices on our booking system are not applicable for bookings outside of the UK or Barcelona, so please call on 02071013767 to talk about your booking elsewhere.


When is the optimum time to book MAGNIV?

Our diaries are currently open all the way to 2021. However, the optimum time for your booking is 10-12 months in advance for popular dates and 8-10 months in advance for all other dates. Popular dates include April-August, December, New Years’ Day and Jewish festivals.

Oh no! I’m far closer to my event than that!

Fear not! You can use our online booking system to check your date up to 2 weeks in advance - but it’s less likely we’ll be able to take the booking.

For bookings less than 2 months in advance, please choose the “pay later” option whilst submitting your booking and wait for our team to confirm availability.

When do I get the photos from my event?

  • Provided payment has been completed in full in advance, we aim to provide all digital copies of printed photos within 48 hours.

  • Please note these photos will have the frames around them, just like they’re printed. More details can be found in our terms and conditions.

When do you turn up to my event?

  • Depending on the size and length of your event, as well as the location and our team, we’ll turn up between 30 minutes and 1 hour early to set-up. You’re not charged for this time.


I have guests with specific needs. Can you operate without flash?

Of course - we’ll always do our best to accomodate any needs of this nature. The key is to inform us well in advance, so our photographers can plan and if necessary, bring alternative equipment. In the case of flash, we can instead use LED Video Lights with warm diffusers on tripods.

Can I have the digital photos from my event to share with my guests?

Of course! We provide all the photos digitally, every time. There’s no extra charge.

Can my guests get in touch to receive their photos digitally?

Unfortunately we can’t respond to every request for individual photos - we’d need an army! However, the link we provide you to access the photos is easy to use and lasts for 30 days, so you can share it with your guests.


I’d like photo magnets from my wedding ceremony

We do not allow our photographers to cover wedding ceremonies, as it detracts from the atmosphere and isn’t necessary to have an extra flash bouncing around. If you’d like photo magnets from your ceremony pictures, we can arrange post-event prints from the photos provided by your lead wedding photographer. These won’t include any editing or branding and you’ll need to show us evidence that you have printing/ reproduction rights to the photos, such as your wedding photography contract. The price is £75, for 12 photos printed 5 times each, including one large print per photo. Delivery to mainland UK is included.

I’m not sure my photographer will be happy with someone else photographing?

  • We completely understand this - they may have had a bad experience with other magnet suppliers who are not professional photographers getting in the way. They’ve probably also had their fair share of “Uncle Bobs” getting in the way of shots, confusing guests into looking into different cameras at the same time (ruining photos) and slowing them down.

  • All our photographers are full-time wedding and event professionals in their own right and know exactly what to do to not get in the way. We don’t come to a couple’s first shoot, we duck out of the way of their photos as fast as possible and we’ll never shoot over their shoulders or under their armpits.

  • Furthermore, we’ll send a courtesy email beforehand and introduce ourselves on the day so there is an open channel of communication to raise any concerns.

  • We’re also happy for your photographer to provide a second shooter they’re familiar with to work with our printing team. We’ll provide full training and guidance if necessary.


Follow the link to check if your date is free and get a price. Then, you can also request sample magnets which we’ll post free of charge.