You should have a magnet photographer.

If you’re planning an event, with enough guests, that is. If you’re just having 3 friends over for dinner, you don’t really need one. You also don’t need one whilst you’re watching netflix alone. But if you’re planning any event, with 80-8000 people (we’ve done it), you need a magnet photographer.

If you just have a regular photographer, guests don’t get to take the pictures home.

With a magnet photographer, you have unlimited prints - which not all photobooths provide.

A magnet photographer doesn’t take up a lot of space. It also doesn’t draw people away from the dance floor and doesn’t create queues. With our professional magnet photographers, you get both posed and candid photos.

Magnet photography has a high-retention rate - making it great for marketing your business or charity. And whilst photographers can help reinforce your branding with a logo on the photos, it doesn’t help much. Photobooths can brand the prints, but again, the retention rate is low. MAGNIV Magnet Photographers brand every magnet to match your business.

Check out this easy comparison table:

magnet photographer london

It’s true, isn’t it?

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