22 Israeli Hits Perfect for your Wedding

If, when you think of Israeli music, all that comes to mind is “Hava Nagilah”, you’ve got another thing coming. No one parties quite like Israelis, with their unique fusion of Middle Eastern vibes with Western influences.

So don’t just leave the Hebrew at the Chuppah - bring it to the party! Whether or not you want the traditional Hora, get your band or DJ to add these songs to their set list and get ready for a night on fire.

Here are 22 popular Israeli hits which are guaranteed to get the crowd going at your wedding – in no particular order, of course – with Youtube videos for each and a complete spotify playlist at the bottom!

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Tudo Bom (All is Good) – Static & Ben El Tavori

Released in June 2017, this Hebrew-Portugese hit took Israel by storm. You could say it’s Israel’s Despacito – some may criticise, but you can’t deny its addictiveness… nor escape it, being played in every shopping centre, party and topping every spotify playlist.

Chaverot Shelach (Your Friends) – Omer Adam

Mi Shema’amin (Whoever Believes) – Eyal Golan

Zahav (Gold) – Static & Ben El Tavori

Tel Aviv – Omer Adam

This catchy tune with its upbeat Middle Eastern party vibes was also the official song of Tel Aviv’s 2013 Pride Week.

Hashem Melech (Hashem is the King) – Gadi Elbaz

(This video is version 2.0, featuring rapper Nissim, formerly known as D. Black)

Silsulim (Frills) – Static & Ben El Tavori

Golden Boy – Nadav Guedj

In 2015, Israel was once again pretty close to winning the Eurovision, with Golden Boy – the first time they qualified with a 100% English song (in a sexy Israeli accent, of course).

Kvish Hachof (The Beach Road) – Static & Ben El Tavori

Terminal 3 – Dudu Aharon

Terminal 3 is the main terminal at Ben Gurion Airport – this song is all about the singer flying to a land far away with his Metuka – sweetheart!

Sam Tabaat Aleh (I’m Putting a Ring on Her) – Dudu Aharon

Mesiba BeHaifa – the Ultras

Esh (Fire) – Moshe Peretz

Shake your shoulders, raise your hands and feel the Esh burning in your heart!

Karamela (Caramel) - Moshe Peretz

Ihiye Beseder (Everything Will Be OK) – Café Shachor Chazak

Balbeli (Confuse Him) – Kobi Peretz

Originally released in 2003, this has become a classic in its own right – though I’m not sure anyone actually knows the words of the verse!

Mahapecha Shel Simcha – Lior Narkis ft. Omer Adam

Halellujah – Gali Atari & Eden Ben Zaken

This 2018 remake of the classic Eurovision winner features the original singer together with chart-topper Eden Ben Zaken – it brings together Israelis off all ages and can definitely bridge the generation gap at your wedding!

Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod (She Just Wants to Dance) – Omer Adam

Ba La Lirkod (She Feels Like Dancing) – DJ Gal Malka & Static

Toy - Netta

Yeah, another Eurovision one. This time the 2018 winner - bring on Tel Aviv 2019!!

Tazizu (Move) – Eden ben Zaken

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