The MAGNIV Price Promise & Community Commitment

Planning a wedding is expensive. Especially if you’re planning on having lots of guests, feeding them and entertaining them… it adds up! Having an add-on such as MAGNIV event magnets - as great as they are - is something you have to think very carefully about. But did you know about our Price Promise and Community Commitment?

The MAGNIV Community Commitment

MAGNIV’s photo-magnets are great for charity events and we have a lot of charities and non-profits get in touch for quotes on very tight budgets. The event magnets have high impression rates (think every day, every time every person walks past their fridge) and they’re long lasting - so in many ways, more effective even than digital marketing. So we’ve decided to help these wonderful organisations by offering a flat 5% off for any event they host. They don’t have to ask - we just do it. (Use code community5 when visiting our booking site to check your date and get a price).

And we often discount even more, throwing extras and adding value whenever we can, to support good causes. It’s what makes us who we are, a core part of our identity. We’ve supported many charities, including the UJIA, U.S., CST, AishUK, University Jewish Chaplaincy, MASA UK, JAFI UK and schools.

Your booking with MAGNIV allows us to fund these projects and it’s one reason why we’re strictly no-negotiation with private clients.

There’s one exception to that though. We believe everyone deserves a special day and understand tough times can affect anyone. So if you reach out in confidence and want us to arrange wedding photography, including photomagnets, at rates that you can afford, we’ll do everything we can to help. This isn’t undercutting and we can’t do this if other people take advantage of it. But if you’re 100% honest with us, we’ll be 100% honest with you and do what we can to help.

The MAGNIV Price Promise

As well as our Community Commitment, the MAGNIV Price Promise guarantees that you won’t find event magnets for your wedding or event in London at a cheaper price on a like-for-like basis. If you do, just send it over and on booking, we’ll either match the price or donate the difference to charity in your name - your choice.

Our prices are available on our website (just click here) including all the supplements and extras. Why not check your date now and see how great value it is?

Want us to give you a call about photomagnets? Just pop your details in here and we'll get back to you to answer all your questions shortly!