Top Tips for Events | Episode 8 | Eli Magizimof

Hey there! You! Yes, you, the one planning a party!

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday or corporate landmark, there’s a lot that goes into hosting a great party.

So we’ve collected tips and advice from experts in the market in a series of short videos to share with you.

Now wasn’t that nice of us?

Anyway - here we are with Episode 8, from our very own Co-Founder, Eli Magzimof - live from Stockholm Alranda Airport.

Eli’s tip is not something most people think of and no one - not your event planner, manager or toastmaster - can do it as well as you can.

Take your feelings and use them to inspire the team making your event happen. Share the excitement, the joy and the passion. Infuse them with the anticipation and let them carry that into their roles, so the vibes spread through to you, your family and your guests.

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