Eat Me Events & Catering

A fairly new addition to the Kosher Catering scene, Eat Me Events fast became favourites for fine-cuisine at events across the UK.

Eat Me was founded by Benjy Levey and Stuart Bernstein, who started off catering events whilst at University in Birmingham. Fulled by passion, desire and enthusiasm, they work hard to bring excellent food to events in any venue, with quality cooking and (most importantly) generous portions!

We’ve tasted their food a number of times - in London, Birmingham and beyond - and know we’re always in for a treat when Benjy and Stuart are on the scene. They come with the supervision of the SKA and the only issue is choosing which dishes you’re going to have, from their expansive and delicious menu!

You can get in touch with Eat Me Events by clicking here - but before you go, here are some photos, courtesy of MAGNIV’s very own photographer, Leivi Saltman.

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