Eli Tamir

Eli Tamir is a Jewish wedding singer and chazan, based in London. What never fails to surprise me is his versatility - at the chuppah, his angelic voice will warm hearts and bring tears to your eyes. On the dance floor, he’ll have everyone going nuts! Is there a song Eli can’t sing? I’m yet to find out!

Eli comes from a Sephardi background and sings all styles of music, from Chassidic Nigunim to the latest Middle Eastern hits and everything in between. You will be standing on your chairs, singing along. Guaranteed - there’s not a room Eli and his band can’t get going!

The Eli Tamir Band, on a break between sets.

The Eli Tamir Band, on a break between sets.

It’s always a pleasure to party with Eli - and party, you can be sure we do!

Pictured here with his incredible band, The Eli Tamir Band, Eli’s also the man behind the Infinity Showband - soon to be featured!

Photos by MAGNIV Photographers

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