Looking for some rockin’ entertainment? You need to speak to David Chernick, the man behind Jiggle.In - DJ, MC, Party Planner and All Round Good Guy.

David’s more than just a DJ and you’ll need to book him well in advance - because he loves getting to know a family before DJing their special day. He’ll come with all the tunes you need for a rocking event, make sure everything is as smooth as your grandmother’s Chocolate Mousse and he’ll dance everywhere - on the dance floor, off the dance floor, on his mixing desk and beyond.

One reason David is great is how he caters to different age groups all at once - making him perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties. He’ll slide from classic singalongs, to the latest grime hits, to 90s electronic throwbacks and top it all off with some Israeli Dancing whoppers.

When he’s not partying hard (which is almost never), he’s a Sales Coach for TREACLsales and loves Krav Maga - a self-defence system accessible to all. He’s also got a very important Simcha Philosophy, which you can read about on his blog.

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